Order cancellation is allowed before shipping. The website will process the order within 48 hours after the customer applies for the order. After canceling the order, the customer will receive a refund within 24 hours.

Return & Exchange:

1. Conditions of return

(1) Return and exchange period: within 180 days after the order is issued

(2) Applicable circumstances for return and exchange: damage caused by non-buyers such as transportation(for returns not caused by the seller, the freight will be borne by the buyer.).

(3) What information needs to be provided to apply for a return or exchange: order number, SKU on the box, photo proof

2. The process of return and exchange

Step 1: Mail directly to the customer service mailbox, we will process the return application within 24 hours and reply to the processing result.

Step 2: What the customer should do after receiving the response of the processing result: mail the item to our delivery address and inform the tracking number.

Step three (if needed): I will re-ship the goods and update the tracking number after receiving the return.

3. Return address: C/O 1175 Florence Columbus Road UNITB
                                Bordentown  New Jersey 08505

4. Other supplements: There is no pickup service.


1. Refund amount

(1) Applicable situation for full refund: return

(2) Applicable circumstances for partial refunds: For example, missing parts (not re-sent, and a certain amount of compensation), defects are acceptable.

After-sales contact information


Return&Exchange Adrress: C/O 1175 Florence Columbus Road UNITB
                                                  Bordentown  New Jersey 08505

Note: To explain any return application, please contact the official email attached first. Any return or exchange without prior application will not be accepted.